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Mounting Your Artwork

An important part of properly framing art is the application of the right tapes for securing your picture in the frame treatment. We offer a variety of tapes for archivally mounting pictures to transfer tapes for attaching mat board and dust covers. Not sure which one to choose? Consult our ‘How-to’ section or give us call. We welcome the opportunity to assist you.
Although your primary focus for just about any framing project may be on making sure that you’ve chosen the right frame, mats and other materials to create a gorgeous display, it is also critical to remember that the way that you will actually be adding the artwork to the frame is equally important.  Mounting your artwork in a way that will display it attractively and safely is the only way to take your custom framing job to the next level.

Take a moment to browse through the various options that are available, which include: rulers, archival paper tape, archival linen tape, transparent tape, transfer tape, archival mounting strips, tape runners, and an adhesive tape applicator.

In the How-to section of this site, you will find a wealth of different resources that can guide you throughout the entire process of mounting your artwork in an effective and professional way.  Consult with articles and videos, among other resources, to learn exactly what you need to know.  If you’d rather speak to someone in person, don’t hesitate to contact us and an expert will guide you through the entire process.