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Essentials Picture Framing Tool Kit

A well-stocked framing tool kit is essential to your success. To help you get started we develop this kit with the ‘Essential’ items every do-it-yourself-framer needs. Save 10% when you purchase items as a kit. The Essentials Tool Kit includes Hand Applied Adhesive Transfer Tape F6080, Static Wisk (F2070), Acrylic Cleaner (F2090) and Acrylic Cleaning Cloth (F2050).
The Essentials Picture Framing Tool Kit has been carefully assembled to make sure that you always have all of the basics that you require to do a great job when you face your next framing project. 

To help to ensure that you will never run out of the items that you require and to give you the confidence to go ahead with your next project without hesitation, the American Frame team has meticulously assembled The Essentials Picture Framing Tool Kit that contains all of the vital components of a do-it-yourself framing task. 

Beyond the benefit of knowing that you’ll have all of the essentials that you require, you can also enjoy the knowledge that you have saved money in choosing this kit.  By buying all of these items as a kit, you will save 10% off the price that you would have paid if you had purchased them all individually.

With this on hand, it gives you the ability to place your attention where it should be: on choosing the right frames, mats, and other elements of the framing, itself.  You’ll be able to put together a stunning display and will have all of the tools that you require to complete the task properly, as the frames were designed to be assembled.  Learn more about how to use each of these different tools by consulting the How-To resource on this website.