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Displaying Your Artwork

Find all the accessories you may need to display your works of art. We carry security hangers, picture framing wire, hooks and more including the Hangman Mounting System for hanging large, heavy items and the EaselMate for making custom size frames suitable for desktop display.
As important as the choice of frame, mat, and other components might be, if you don’t display your artwork to its best advantage, then you’re not allowing it to reach its full potential.  Displaying your work of art can be a matter of setting it on a surface or hanging it on a wall. You can be certain that you will be hanging your framed pictures in a way that will keep them secure on the wall and that won’t risk having them damage the wall or fall off and damage the frame and the artwork.

When you hang your pictures properly, using the right tools, then they should remain where you want them for as long as you wish.
At American Frame, you can choose to purchase all of the individual hardware items as you need them, or you can buy complete kits that will provide you with everything you need in one handy collection.  You can also check out the How-to section of this site to give you all of the information and inspiration that you need to use that hardware properly and create a stunning display.