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Assembly Hardware

Need extra picture frame assembly hardware? Find it here. Especially useful for framing extra large works of art. Buy hardware in packages or as single items. We also have convenient kits to help you hang your frame on the wall. As always, we supply a wood or metal assembly hardware package with each frame we sell which includes hardware for standard-sized frames.
When you need additional picture frame assembly hardware, we have you covered.  We offer a broad selection of all the different types of hardware that you could need in order to create the high quality and attractive framing treatment that your artwork and room décor deserve.

These pieces are particularly helpful when you are framing especially large pieces of artwork.  For your convenience, you can buy assembly hardware individually, or you can purchase a kit that will provide you a selection of the different items that you will need to ensure that you will be able to easily hang your framed artwork on a wall.

If you aren’t sure exactly what assembly hardware you require, be sure to consult our How-To on this website, which will provide you with tutorials, videos, and helpful information, as well as inspiration for great framing projects that you might like to try.