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Mounting Board

Mounting or “backing” board is necessary for many framing projects. It stiffens and preserves artwork like posters, prints, photographs and watercolors. Our boards have a foam core with three types of paper exteriors. The one you choose depends on your framing project. Also available in 32” x 40” full boards.
The mounting board works by stiffening and preserving artwork like posters, prints, photographs and watercolors. This helps to keep them and display them at their best.  Without it, the artwork may not have enough integrity to hold itself flat, for the best final appearance to the framing treatment.  This depends on the type of artwork that is being framed and the form of treatment that has been chosen for displaying it.

The option that you select will make a difference to the result that you will be able to achieve with your framing project. If you are unsure as to which mounting board is the right one for your project, consult any of the various resources on the website, or contact us so that we can help you to decide.  Our “How To” section can provide you with handy information that can help you to better understand exactly what a mounting board does, and how the different types of paper exterior makes a difference to artwork framing.