Mat Board

When it comes to mat boards, beauty is more than skin deep. A well-chosen mat board plays an essential role in custom picture framing whether you are framing an original drawing or painting, a photograph, or a sentimental piece of personal memorabilia. It supports both the style you are trying to create as well as the function or protective properties of the framing treatment, impacting the item you are framing for years to come. How you incorporate your mat board into your matting and framing project comes down to what you are hoping to accomplish.

Keep in mind that our mat boards are all made from the highest quality materials from premier suppliers, most notably, Bainbridge, the leader in ArtCare™  technology. These boards are offered in a wide range of colors and properties so that you can be confident that you will find the right one to suit every application, including: general purpose, acid free, and conservation framing. Within these categories you will find boards that will show a different color of bevel (core) once the mat is custom cut to fit your art. White core mat boards will show a very thin white line that will border the image you are framing as will black core boards. Mat boards with a continuous core will offer a seamless look within the frame treatment, carrying the color of the board itself all the way through the bevel.

Our website allows you to construct single, double and even triple mat boards. Yes, many customers are surprised to find that an online custom picture frame supplier can help provide a triple mat board design. Artists looking to add depth, visual interest and a ‘high-end’ gallery worthy result with only a single board should consider applying a 6ply or an 8ply board to their work (look for the ‘.8’ notation on the product number). Texture is an incredibly important design element in framing and is easily incorporated with our assortment of archival linen mat boards. Oversize board are also available for extra large pieces.

Lastly, mat board can help protect your art by ensuring that it is touched by only archival quality material and separating it from your glass or acrylic glazing material. It can also create depth and a visual transition between your artwork and frame that can make your work pop.

Getting creative with your matting and framing can take your work from a more amateur look to having a professional, custom framing edge. Use our online tools to preview your options and have fun designing.