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Mat Board

Mat boards are about style and function. Picture mat board as a nice separation between your art and the acrylic (plexi-glass) while providing a visual transition between the art and the frame. Ours are made from the highest quality materials and offered in a wide range of colors and prices for every application: general purpose, acid free, and conservation framing. Mat boards can be purchased here ‘a la carte’ or as part of a complete custom picture frame kit.
The style, texture, color, width, and shape of the mat board can make a tremendous difference in the final appearance of the framing project.  It can help to ensure that certain colors stand out from within the art, or it can tone down a piece that its truly explosive in its palette.  The mat can work to ensure that the art will provide the visual impact that you want when it is displayed. It can also decide the tone of the work.  It can make a piece look elegant and refined, playful and bubbly, or anything in between.

Making your final matting and framing decisions can feel as though they are very difficult.  That is why we provide a range of helpful how to articles and online resources to help you to envision the way that the final treatment will appear.  When you have this ability, it makes it much easier for you to make your choice with confidence.