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Acrylic Plexi-glass

What did we see in our acrylic sheets that makes them the number one option for protecting your artwork? Well, one thing we didn’t see was distortion. In addition, Plexiglas for picture frames eliminates the risk of shattered glass and is much lighter-weight, which means less stress on your hanging hardware – and your nerves. 

When it comes to choosing Plexiglas for picture frames, the decision that you need to make is more based on what you don’t want to see than what you do want to see.  Acrylic glazing is a vital step for keeping your art safe from damage, but at the same time, the key is to ensure that it will be as invisible as possible.

The ability to properly display your framed artwork is just as important as being able to come up with the right framing treatment in the first place.  The lightweight acrylic glazing means that it is easier to lift, easier to hang, and that you won’t have to worry about the strain that it will place on the hardware or the wall that would risk damage. 

Instead, Plexiglas offers you all of the advantages without the drawbacks of heavier materials such as actual glass.  At the same time it makes certain that you enjoy the best possible display without the distortion or high glare of clear plastic materials. There is no mystery as to why this is our top choice when selecting acrylic glazing.