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Metal Picture Frame Styles

Metal assures classic simplicity, versatility and affordability. Browse the round and the flat profiles as well as our decorative varieties to find the size and style that accents both your artwork and your room. Conservation quality. Made in USA.

Custom metal frames come with a broad spectrum of different options and advantages when you choose them for your framing project. When it comes to making sure that you will be able to create exactly the look that you want, but within your project budget, all of those factors play a very important role.

No other material offers this type of flexible range of colors and styles and with such a low price tag involved.  Custom metal frames give you the ability to opt for precisely what you want, without having to settle.  Furthermore, with the high quality materials that you have come to expect from American Frame, you know that your project will protect your artwork at the same time that it is displaying it at its very best.

Take your time and go over all of the different options, narrowing them down as you decide on certain features that you prefer and those that should be saved for a project on another day.

If you’re not sure which custom metal frames will be perfect for your artwork, all you need to do is upload the image and start playing with the various options that are available.  This will provide you with a much clearer idea of how the final treatment will look.