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White Metal Frames

White metal picture frames by Nielsen® will give your art a clean, crisp, modern edge. These professional quality selections are available in six different styles, depths and finishes, guaranteed to brighten any image. For additional framing options check out our White Wood Picture Frames.
White Metal Frames
H: 1 "     W: 3/8"     R: 9/16"
H: 1 1/4"     W: 7/8"     R: 1 "
H: 1 5/16"     W: 7/16"     R: 3/4"
H: 13/16"     W: 1/4"     R: 3/8"
White metal frames are the ultimate in contemporary décor and ensure that the entire focus of the eye will always be aimed specifically at the artwork. Framing in this color allows you a tremendous amount of flexibility.  This is true not only in the overall style of the piece that you will be framing, but it also means that you will be able to use virtually any color or pattern of mat (or multiple mats, for that matter) without having to worry about overwhelming the artwork.

With white metal frames, you will typically find that you can choose whichever option is most appropriate, as this material lends itself to affordability, despite its high quality.

Take advantage of the range of tools and resources available on this website to help you to complete the look that you want. This will assist you in boosting your confidence in making the choices that need to be made.  Suddenly, what had once appeared to be daunting will now be a fun and creative project.