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Wendy Paddison

Wendy  Paddison

Wendy Paddison, , , Various Media, 27 items in gallery

Wendy Paddison

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A Fish Tale
Aluminum & Copper
Beauty on a Dreary Day
Blue Rivets
Clouds, Koi and Spent Wisteria Blossoms
Coffee House, Snohomish, Washington
Fluke Wave
Fremont Parade 1
Giant Green Anemone with Bubbles
I Felt Nothing
Koi Parade
Koi Under a Conifer
My Goldfish Loves Orange Crush
Of Clouds and Koi
Peonies in a Leaky Lime Colored Vase
Red Sky Warning
Red Trees at Shady Stump
Seaweed Abstract
Small Fry
Stone Lantern in Spring Rain
Suspended Fish and Architecture
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