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Lorraine Watry

Lorraine  Watry

Lorraine Watry, Colorado Springs, CO, Various Media, 16 items in gallery

Lorraine Watry’s watercolors depict quiet, peaceful moments with a goal of drawing the viewers in and giving them a place to relax and imagine. Her art work is often noted for its realism, elegance, and technique. She uses vibrant colors, strong lights and darks, and detailed patterning in her watercolors making her work an excellent choice for many applications. Lorraine’s watercolors are award winning. Visit Lorraine’s website: and her blog at

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Changing Colors
Cool Blues
Desert Charms
Flamingo Dance
Framing the Reds
Garden of the Gods Sunset
Gateway to the Garden
Oasis in the Garden
Purple Columbine
Quaking Aspen
River Crossing
River Dance
Rock Island Reflections
Shows Over
Stately Aspen
What Lies Beneath
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