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Elaine Deyo

Elaine  Deyo

Elaine Deyo, Branson, Missouri, Various Media, 20 items in gallery

Elaine E. Deyo: Writer of Eva Wynn-Roger's Small Hotels Mysteries series sold on, and fiber artist weaving small and tiny handwoven tapestries.

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A Pair of Carrots, Art Miniature
Americana Blue
Barn On Navy Art Miniature
Blue Spirit Horse
Father Christmas
Full Moon Art Miniature
Green Pear
Houses On Navy Art Miniature
Impressionist Water Lilly, Art Miniature
Old Tulips
Pea Pods Art Miniature
Prairie Wheat
Red Apple
Red Maple Leaf Miniature Art
Red Poppy On Blue
Red Tulip On Tan
The Dinky On The Short Line
The Factory
The River
Winter In Norway
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