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The American Frame Story- 

The Family Behind American FrameWelcome to and thank you for letting me tell you about our company.

For over 40 years, we’ve been a leading supplier of custom picture frames , mat boards , DIY picture framing supplies and fine art printing . Browse our wide selection of Nielsen metals, solid woods, and all the tools and accessories that make custom DIY framing easy and enjoyable. Every order is custom handled with care, and shipped within 1-3 business days to your studio, home or business.

Here is our story.
Back in the 1960’s, my father, Ron Mickel, opened a small hardware store in Toledo, OH where in addition to paint and garden products, he offered a custom picture framing service. Very quickly, he became known locally for his design sensibilities, beautiful craftsmanship, fair prices and of course, excellent service. Growing up, his store was walking distance from our house so my brothers, sister and I would often hang out and “help” – at least that’s what he made us believe…and that was our introduction to framing.

Later, in the early 70’s, Nielsen® created an aluminium frame that could be custom-cut like solid wood, and Dad saw the potential for serving customers outside the Toledo area. He always wanted to be in the “mail order” business and thought he would market frames in pairs, like stretcher bars, via magazine publications. First American Frame Ad So he put an ad in ‘American Artist’, and basically forgot about it, until the post office called him and asked, “Mr. Mickel, will you please pick up your mail?” His PO Box was filled with orders, the largest being from the Chico State University Art Department. I remember this being a very exciting time in our family as this new business took off. We all got busy and really went to work! My first job was filing the ends of the frames and assembling hardware packages.

Looking back, it was crazy. Little did we know he had created a new industry, transforming what was once an expensive “professionals only” task to an easy and affordable “do-it-yourself” project for all types of picture framers- artists, photographers and DIY Decorators.

Today, we are a much larger organization, centrally located in Maumee, OH and quality, craftsmanship, service and affordability remain our watchwords. We are here to help you frame your art right whether that means right in style, right on price, right in quality or right on time!

The American Frame website is designed to take the guesswork out of measuring and visualizing your frame treatment - we do the math and show your selections step by step, regardless of skill level. Novice framers can easily learn picture framing via our full color DIY Framing Fundamentals booklet and online instructional videos. Experienced framers may enjoy our QuickShop interface, a simple 3-click online purchasing option. If its volume framing you need, we can easily help there too with over 20 years of fulfilling retail business needs.

As many of you will want to reproduce and print your art & photography, we’ve built a fine art printing department, staffed with experts educated in their craft and equipped with the latest Epson giclee printing technology. You can trust them to faithfully reproduce your work on a selection of fine art papers or canvas.

So, let’s get started and have some fun! Find your frame style and start designing! Print your images or upload them for sale in our Art Gallery. If you ever have questions or would like to request free samples, contact us anytime and by all means, enjoy the savings that we’re so pleased to pass on to each and every customer.

For more on the history of American Frame, I encourage you to view ’The American Frame Story’.

Love your art!

Laura Jajko

Laura Jajko, President

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