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Flag Display Cases

flag display case

Honor America’s Flag and Those Who Defend It

These American-made hardwood flag cases are specifically designed to display the American flag with honor and dignity.  The beautiful cases come in oak, cherry and walnut with several glass and plaque options.  The larger size will protect and preserve a loved one’s military burial flag.  The smaller size is designed to hold presentation flags, such as those given to organizations and Scout troops.  The cases can be set on a table, shelf or mantel or wall-mounted in combination with other memorabilia, such as medal displays. 



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Shop our American Flag Display Cases:

Presidential Flag
Cases >

Crafted in solid Walnut or Cherry with beveled glass and hinged lid.

> For Military burial flag

Patroit Flag

Crafted in solid Oak in a unique profile.

> For Military burial flag


Veteran Flag
Cases >

Crafted in solid Cherry, Walnut and Oak with turn-button panel.

> For Military burial flag

Capital Flag
Cases >

Crafted in solid Walnut, Cherry and Oak.

> For presentation flags that have flown over the US Capitol.