Mounting Board

Have a look at our vast range of professional mounting board options to complete your framing projects. A backing or mounting board is necessary for many framing projects, especially for framing any works on paper, helping to protect and display your piece in the most attractive way. Without it, the artwork may not have enough integrity to hold itself flat, for the best appearance.

Our boards are constructed with a foam ‘core’ or center with three types of paper exteriors from which to choose: standard, archival, and self-adhesive, available custom cut to your needs or in full board in both standard sizes of 32” x 40” and in oversized in 40” x 60” options. We also offer a choice of black foam core  for framing newspaper articles and other commercial displays, again cut custom to your project or in a full board, 32” by 40” size.

Standard foam core  is a professional grade product suitable for all purpose, economical framing. Archival  boards will offer the highest level of protection from acids which may build up within the frame treatment and is best used with acid free framing tapes for hinging or floating artwork. 

The self-adhesive board  is for mounting printed artwork or photography in a permanent fashion and recommended for smaller, non-archival pieces. Since it has its own sticky surface, tapes are not required for use with this board.

If you are unsure as to which mounting board is the right one for your project, consult any of the various resources on the website, or contact us  so that we can help you to decide.  Our “How-to” section can provide you with handy information that can help you to better understand exactly what a mounting board does, and how the different types of paper exterior makes a difference to artwork framing.